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Many of us have suffered from scars at one point in our lives.

Many of us probably still do.

Scars can range from a skinned knee to a disfiguring keloid scar, both of which can affect self-confidence and daily life.

The Story Of Scars

Scars form when the dermis is damaged.

The dermis is a layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues.

Once damaged, the body forms new collagen fibers to mend the damage, resulting in a scar.

Scars are generally present in areas where you once had a cut, scrape, or sore.

A scar is created by the skin repairing itself from injury, to prevent a scar you must prevent wounds.

This is obviously easier said than done.

Some scars may fade over time while others are not so lucky.

The real secret to getting rid of scars now lies in a tub of compound cream.

Compounding Creams

Compounding has ancient roots and was the only way of treating patients early in the 19th century.


Compounding now makes up roughly 3% of all prescribed medication, and this number is increasing daily.

This is because compound prescription medications are tailor-made with the specific patient in mind.


The benefits of compound creams include:

  • Physician prescribed and Insurance Accepted
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Consistency of ingredients
  • Pre-examined and constantly monitored controls
  • Formulated using specialized chemicals and equipment.
  • Precise quantity packaging
  • Avoid the need for any expensive treatments

Customized compound scar creams are formulated to meet each patient’s unique skincare needs and scar reducing needs.

Time Efficient

Not only is compounding treatment effective, it is time efficient.

In just 5 short minutes a day you are on your way to reducing your scar tissue.Compounding-scar-cream

Results will not be immediate, but compounding creams now promise long-term results for not only scar tissue, but a multitude of other conditions too.

Customized Medication

One scar treatment does not necessarily fit all.

By treating patients as individuals, the results are astounding.

Compound scar creams are formulated with various effective ingredients in exact proportions so that the perfect formula can be found.

These creams are made from scratch through a unique process of mixing individual ingredients in the exact strength and dosage required by each patient.

Compounded scar creams are formulated for patients personalized needs while possible ingredients include:

  • Gabapentin USP
  • Tranilast
  • PracaSilTM
  • Varapamil

These ingredients, along with others, will help restore the normal texture and color to your skin.

Why Choose A Compound Cream? 

As an alternative to oral tablets, compound creams are applied topically and absorbed through the skin directly at the affected areas.

The topical application of a custom compounded cream has many advantages, including:

  • Eliminates side-effects
  • Delivers relief directly to pain receptors
  • Minimizes absorption into the blood stream
  • Blocks portions of the inflammatory cascade
  • Quickly provides measurable and identifiable pain relief
  • Minimizes oxidative stress
  • Reduces organ toxicity
  • Improves patient compliance and outcomes
  • Reduces the possibility of adverse drug interactions to organs
  • Formulations are non-addictive

Happiness blissSome people are allergic to certain inactive ingredients in a medication.

By eliminating these allergic ingredients, patients can avoid allergic reactions.

Customized compound creams are also non-opioid.

This means that they are non-addictive.

Customized compound creams finally provide light at the end of the tunnel.

Thousands are benefiting from the advantage of having a compounding pharmacist make a unique formula specific to their individual requirement.

If you would like more information on compounding, please read The Secret to Pain Free Life with Custom Compounding.

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